If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you love eggs as much as we do here at Farmer Boy Eggs. From scrambles to poached to the classic fried egg, there’s no limit to the number of dishes you can create with eggs. And to whoever thinks eggs are only a breakfast meal, think again! 

Across the world, eggs are an integral part of many meals. We’ve talked about chickens around the world and how to make a true Montana breakfast, but what about egg dishes in other countries?

The Middle East and North Africa: Shakshuka


Where this dish originates from is hard to determine, but one thing can be said confidently about shakshuka: if you crave a delicious and healthy egg meal, then shakshuka is right for you! Popular in countries like Tunisia, Israel and Yemen, shakshuka is a flavorful dish of eggs and vegetables in tomato sauce. Depending on where the dish is prepared, many variations of shakshuka have developed over time, making this dish a must for those who enjoy adding their own twist to recipes.

France: Ouefs en Cocotte (Shirred/Baked Eggs)

oeufs en cocette.jpg

Baked and broiled in cream and butter, this French meal adds a level of elegance to egg dishes that can’t be beat. Ranging from simple ham and cheese to Gruyere and mushroom, shirred eggs can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try making this dish with Farmer Boy fresh eggs rather than commercially raised to enhance the richness and flavor!

Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto with Eggs

gallo pinto.jpg

An affordable meal, Gallo pinto is a national dish in Costa Rica and in its simplest form, is comprised of rice and beans. For breakfast, fans of this traditional dish enjoy cooking with the leftover Gallo pinto from the night before and adding eggs, spices, caramelized plantains, and tortillas. The additional ingredients make for a hearty breakfast that is sure to please anyone with a big appetite!

Japan: Tamagoyaki


A pleasing twist on the traditional omelet, tamagoyaki is a Japanese omelet that is formed by rolling together many layers of eggs. Prepared in a rectangular pan called a makiyakinabe (or tamagoyaki), tamagoyaki is formed like a log which is then cut into smaller pieces, similar to sushi. It is incredibly fluffy and can be either savory or sweet depending on the preparer’s preference. While satisfying to eat, it is equally satisfying to watch it being made.

England: Eggnog

holiday eggnog.jpg

We couldn’t resist leaving out this egg-based drink, even if it’s not actually a food dish. With the holiday season creeping up, there’s no doubt that this is a popular drink among those in the United States. Originating in England, eggnog has also had its fair share of the addition of ingredients over the years, but the core ingredients have remained the same: milk, eggs, and alcohol. In the modern world, eggnog is commonly made by combining and heating together milk, spices, eggs, sugar, cream and adding in rum, brandy, whiskey or bourbon.

Is your mouth watering yet? Whether it’s a meal originating in the US or from around the world, there is no doubt that eggs make for healthy and flavorful dishes.