In the United States, many people simply see chickens as a means of food, but there are many countries and cultures around the world that put a special emphasis on this creature.

What Chickens Mean in France

If you happen to walk the streets of Paris or visit a castle in Britany there is a good chance you will see a drawing, statue or symbol of a rooster. The Gallic Rooster, or Le Coq Gaulois, was originally used by the enemies of the French as a pun to make fun of them. Later, it was recognized as a religious symbol of overcoming darkness each day as a rooster crows each morning. Then, during the French Revolution in the late 1700s the republicans rejected the Christian roots of the country and identified with the original French people, the Gauls, which, if you are reading carefully you might notice is very similar to Le Coq “Gaulois.” The rooster became a symbol associated with the original French people, their strength and perseverance. While the people of France still enjoy eating chicken meat and eggs, they also find a cultural significance in their symbol.


What Chickens Mean in Rural India

Similar to French culture, the rooster can be seen as a religious symbol on many occasions. In Hyndu mythology, Aditi, the mother of all gods, is depicted riding a rooster in the sky, and Lord Murugan, the god of war, is depicted holding a flag adorned with a rooster that represents wisdom. Today, urban areas of India see chickens as a food source, but as you get into smaller, tribal areas they are seen as a reminder of the daily schedule and rituals and as a symbol of pride and festivities.


What Chickens Mean in China

As one of the twelve animals represented in the Chinese zodiac, the rooster has an interesting cultural significance in China. Ancient Chinese people saw the rooster as a representation of the sun god and a sacrificial animal that could help protect against evil. Within the zodiac calendar, the rooster not only represents the sun god but also virtues such as luck, prosperity, bravery and punctuality. Today, in various places around the country of China, roosters and hens are used in marriage ceremonies, as fortune tellers and as symbols of good luck.


What Chickens Mean at the Farmer Boy Eggs Farm

At the Farmer Boy Eggs farm, we pride ourselves on raising happy, healthy, free-range chickens who lay delicious, fresh eggs. Unlike France, India and China, here at Farmer Boy Eggs we do not place significance on roosters, but, instead, take pride in the egg-laying hens that we raise. And, unlike many people in the United States, instead of simply viewing our chickens as a source of food we believe that raising our chickens has given us the opportunity to give back to the community, enhance the environment around us and supply protein-packed eggs to our family, friends, and customers. Our chickens are allowed to roam freely from inside to outside throughout the day, eat their feed and lay their high-quality eggs in a stress-free environment. To us, chickens are more than a source of food, they are a way of life.