We have a lot of people ask: where can I find Farmer Boy Eggs? We wanted to quickly highlight our amazing stores and restaurants that carry our products here in Missoula. It’s amazing when we’re driving from Drummond to Missoula to make deliveries, there’s a real feeling of community. The decision to buy our local Montana eggs impacts more than just the delicious taste for the end-user: it supplies a helper in Drummond with a job. It buys more equipment to raise more free-range hens right here in Western Montana and when the Farmer Boy delivery truck needs servicing, the local repair shop puts it up on a lift. The money from Farmer Boy Eggs stays in Western Montana supporting the economy. 

So Fresh and So Clean Clean!

Maybe we should write a song with those lyrics about our eggs? As our homepage states, our chickens roam free. There’s a difference between a chicken with the ability to roam free and a chicken that is confined indoors all day. 

Top Organic and Local Food Grocery Stores in Missoula

As you’ll notice, there are a lot of great options to choose from when looking for a local organic, environmentally friendly grocery store in Missoula. We’ve put together a quick list of some of our favorites. Oh, and they also all happen to carry our famous Farmer Boy Eggs!

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Good Food Store: If you’re in Missoula, you know the Good Food Store provides the highest quality.  Whether you’re looking for an all-natural bar of soap or one of the best hot food bars in Montana, the Good Food Store is your place. Isle after isle of organic local products for the responsible shopper. Bring your own bags, bring an appetite and be sure to try the famous Wok Bowl! Oh, and as always, don’t forget to re-supply your eggs by choosing Farmer Boy :)

Orange Street Food Farm: If you’ve been in Missoula long enough, you might know it as the beer farm ;) We just enjoy that it has “farm” in the name. Our farm-to-table eggs supply Missoula with a local free-range option. From our coop in Drummond to the shelves of Orange Street, we’re the local choice for eggs!

Albertsons Eastgate:

With a new parking lot, it’s a great place to get your farm-fresh eggs in Missoula!

Pattee Creek Market: For those Lewis and Clarkers in the mix, you can find Farmer Boy Eggs at Pattee Creek! Oh, and pick up some fresh seafood while you’re at it! Though we’re not sure of a ton of recipes that include eggs and seafood …


Rosauers: Convenient and always fresh! Farmer Boy Eggs makes a consistent stop to resupply Rosauers so you can be sure to add a dozen (or two!) on your next trip. 

Missoula Fresh Market - Broadway: Hey, it’s in the name: Fresh! We pride ourselves on hand delivering our eggs to local grocers. The money spent on Farmer Boy Eggs goes right back into the community.

Missoula Fresh Market Reserve: Both locations carry the freshest eggs in Montana ;) 

Natural Grocers: the Third Street corridor continues with Natural Grocers. Did we mention our chickens are antibiotic and chemical-free? You’ll taste the difference we guarantee it. 

Wordens Market: Walking downtown for your groceries? We’ve got you covered. Stop in Wardens for some of the best shopping music in town, some Big Dipper Ice Cream, a delicious sandwich and a dozen eggs to go. We thank Wordens for their continued support of local businesses. 

Rumour: Don’t feel like cooking Farmer Boy Eggs yourself? Let the team at Rumour do it for you! As they describe, Rumour in mid-town neighborhood is your perfect destination for local and sustainable food. “We believe in celebrating the extraordinary flavors of Montana! We are proud to serve amazing quality steaks from local ranchers and many of our herbs and fresh produce come from a local farm.” Cheers to that, Rumours!

Harvest Foods: Lolo: Heading South? We’re in Lolo! Harvest Foods cares about sourcing local eggs, and we’re lucky enough to be their choice in Montana fresh! Stop in, pick up some eggs and remember: breakfast for dinner makes a quick and delicious meal when you’ve got a lot on your (life) plate :)

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Montana Free Range Eggs

Our team is passionate about Montana products. We hire local help right here in Drummond. We’re proudly made in Montana and we believe you can taste the difference. Our eggs may have been in the nest in the a.m. and in your shopping cart during your post-work grocery trip. Our eggs spend less time (and fossil fuel) on trucks or stored in warehouses so you can enjoy farm-fresh flavor

Farmer Boy Eggs

As always, if you have questions for our team, leave them in the comments or shoot us an email. We love talking with our customers about what they’re cooking and how they’re enjoying the amazing taste of our farm-fresh eggs. If you have friends in Missoula that haven’t experienced the difference, make sure to tell them to check us out! We hope you enjoyed this article about where to find farm fresh eggs in Missoula.