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Our eggs are so fresh, you can taste the freedom! We understand how important it is to keep our hens happy and healthy, and how proper treatment of our poultry affects the quality of the eggs laid. We’re proud to be a Montana-based farm with plenty of space for our chickens to be free-range and keep them stress-free. So how do we achieve this? Why don’t we check in with Lola and see what her day-to-day is like.

Meet Lola. Sassy, a bit dramatic and enjoys spending her days strolling around the grounds. Her day begins after a restful evening inside the barn, well protected from the predators prowling around at night. Prior to the arrival of our chickens, each barn was designed to create a comfortable environment for our hens to lay their eggs. It is why our barns include an automatic ventilation system, intended to keep the air circulating and adjust as needed. This feature allows our chickens to remain relaxed for all seasons.

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Content with her routine, Lola prefers to lay her eggs first thing in the morning - leaving the day open for gossiping with the girls. Conveniently located in between the roosting areas is a conveyor table, allowing for eggs lain to be gathered and transported easily to the washing station - all without disturbing the hens. Perched comfortably on the roost, Lola lays her egg.

After a productive start to the day, Lola struts around before taking some time to eat some breakfast - nutritious feed packed with protein and vitamins. Our hens have the ability to eat and drink at their own leisure thanks to our automatic feed and water dispensers within the barns. Keeping the feed fresher and reducing waste, these dispensers are a fantastic benefit for both our hens and farmers!

Next is her daily check-up. To truly know that our chickens are healthy, it’s important to us to be diligent in personally checking in on the health of our hens. A happy hen, a happy den! Each morning, one of the FBE caretakers walks through the barn, checking the chickens and gathering any eggs not lain on the conveyor table. Today, Lola is feeling particularly generous - she waits patiently for her check-up to conclude rather than stir the pot.

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With open access to the outdoors for 16 hours a day, Lola often resides outside unless the weather is poor - she doesn’t care to get her feathers dirty when it’s raining, of course. Strutting around the grounds, Lola enjoys clucking with her girls, pecking around for tasty bugs and keeping tabs on best spots to temporarily roost outdoors. Some days, she feels like running around, stretching out her legs, but most days, a full day of flaunting her stuff is more than enough.

After a full day of roaming, Lola retires for the night. Secured in the barn with the automatic lights off for the next 8 hours, the hens can rest soundly and be ready to rise at dawn to begin another day.

We know that happy and stress-free chickens lead to better tasting eggs. See for yourself and get our eggs from your nearest store

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